The Chedi Gems Luxury Penthouses - an exclusive property gem for the very few

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An exclusive property gem for the very few

A Gem’s journey

At the top of The Chedi Hotel in Andermatt, unique and exclusive penthouses await their new owners. Each of the penthouses has its own unique character, surrounding its owner with a unique energy. You have complete freedom to choose your style.

We have selected a collection of gems to inspire you with the design of your penthouse. Whatever you are looking for, the gems will be an endless source of inspiration.

Classic Alpine Chic

Mountain Crystal

Mountain Crystal represents the essence of the Alps with its typical character traits including prudence, solidity, trust and a sense of home. This is reflected in natural, comfortable forms made of solid, wood-influenced materials. Mountain Crystal forms the basis for an interior design that goes far beyond the usual Alpine Chic.

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Asiatic – Oriental

Olive Jade

Jade has been deeply embedded in various cultures for thousands of years as a radiating force that brings harmony and equilibrium. Olive Jade offers residents the opportunity to enjoy the Alpine quality of life within a peaceful setting, surrounded by balanced forms.

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Masculine Alpine Chic

Black Tourmaline

Darkly coloured, angular, male and mysterious. These are the characteristics that make the Black Tourmaline penthouse so unique. Every facet is underlined by a rock-solid statement of architectural stylistic confidence.

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Feminine Alpine Chic

Rose Crystal

Rose Crystal is regarded as a symbol of unconditional love. It fosters sensitivity and romance while possessing the energy of compassion and peace. Rose Crystal incorporates empowering female qualities into the design and brings them to life in a unique way.

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Modern Alpine Chic

Tiger Eye

The attributes of Tiger Eye imply courage, protection, security and clarity. The aim is to outline these qualities in every detail thanks to superior craftsmanship. Tiger Eye represents a powerful stone which strengthens harmony and balance. Nothing should distract from the exclusive savoir-vivre.

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